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There are hundreds of Real Estate projects floating in the market searching for the investors and end users but the buyer should know what we are buying and how it has been sold with an honest Commitment. Since the seller usually pays the Real Estate selling commission to its Representative (broker) hence The Buyer Technically has NO Representation.

It is not someone else's job to make sure you are getting duped. It certainly not the Governments job either. The Real Estate Companies are spending millions, using hours and hours of Time and Money to sell their product, some of the products are quality and up to the standards others are not. No matter what ever you are buying do not get caught up in the Marketing tricks.

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Bill, 2013

  •   Real Estate Regulatory Authority : RERAs must be established by the appropriate governments. Two or more state governments can establish a RERA jointly, and conversely, a state can have more than one RERA. Each authority will consist of a chairperson and two or more full time members. Key functions of the RERA include (a) rendering advice to the appropriate government on the development of the real estate sector and (b) maintaining and publishing records relating to real estate projects on its website. The RERA might conduct an inquiry into the affairs of issue directions to, and penalise any (a) promoter, defined as any person or public authority concerned with the development of land for the purpose of selling, (b) allottee, defined as a person who is alloted, or purchases the building, plot or apartment or (c) real estate agent if required. It may refer the case to the Competition Commission of India.