Due Diligence Check

Karmit Incorporation (INDIA) will do the Due Diligence for a Property that you intend to buy.

  •   We scrutinize the documents of the Property to verify on ownership and clarification in the title.
  •   Any property has to meet a minimum set of requirements and need to have certain approvals on place from the authorities concerned . It may not be possible for an individual investor to verify the authenticity of approval and certificates.
    We will take care of that aspects and provide best approval that are in accordance with the law and the one's that are missing. This service will also help you to access the appreciation potential of the Property.
  •   We check on the false claims by some of the Developers regarding the area of the Apartment. So you can pay for the actual area of the Property.
  •   It will also reduce the chances of fraud in property transaction.

Due Diligence Check for the identified Property
  1.   Check on Title Documents
  2.   Legal Aspects
  3.   Regulatory Approvals
  4.   Fair value of the Property
  5.   Appreciation Potential
  6.   Construction Quality
  7.   Area of The Property
  8.   Technical Aspects
  9.   Mitigating Risks in Developer's Project

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