About Us

The Real Estate Counseling Team of Karmit Incorporation (India) is a Nation Wide assemblage of recognized experts, each a principal in the firm provides Real Estate Evaluation, Research, Advisory, Counseling & Marketing Analysis Services.

We have a Team of Extensive Professionals, Experts & Resourceful Skilled members who have Nation Wide authoritative Real Estate Data & Extensive Local Market Know how.

The Team members are “Real Estate Analyst” certified to appraise the Real Estate Properties. We offer economical solutions for your specified property needs with our World Class Real Estate Experience in Real Estate Counseling.

Amit Kashyap has been involved in enhancing and expanding the business of Real Estate transaction, advisory and analytical services supported by highly skilled member who have Nation-wide authoritative Real Estate data and extensive Realty market know-how.
Under his guidance the company offers the cuttinng edge solutions into diversed Real Estate market with a broader and deeper understanding.

"We as Real Estate Analysts are committed for Higher Ethical Standards to improve Transparency in the property Transaction. Our Relationship with the clients is not only functionary but also Fiduciary."

-"Amit Kashyap"

Our Valuable Clientage Includes…
The services can be used individually and collectively in a range of assignment by a variety of clients, such as

  •   Individuals
  •   Corporate
  •   Agencies
  •   Investors – Domestic & Foreign
  •   Financial Institutions
  •   Federal Agencies
  •   Insurance Companies

Reason why you need a Real Estate Counselor…

We help our Clients to “Develop a Power over Purchase”. By providing our Honest Real Estate Information and Comparative Marketing Analysis, we offer economical solutions for the specify property needs.

The delayed delivery has not stopped real estate companies forum announcing and launching new projects.

Maintaining a cashflow in a tight market situation is a difficult job.

As a Real Estate Analyst it is also important to point out investors about various "PONZI" schemes being brought for new investors to payoff older investors, whose investment needs to be redeemed.

"Three 'R's take little effort on your part,
for a big difference to or world."